Migrate Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Step By Step

Is it true that you are prepared to move Offline Exchange Database document to Office 365 for your association? This guide will experience the procedure, regardless of client is specialized or non-specialized. Be that as it may, while working with live condition numerous techniques that can be conveyed. A few strategies are given beneath:

Import PST to Office 365

Trade 2010 to Office 365 Cutover movement

Trade 2010 to Office 365 Staged Migration

Trade Recovery Tool – Alternative Solution

Requirement for Migration of Offline Exchange to Office 365?

A great deal of reasons brief towards organizations that influence them to move Offline Exchange Database to Exchange Online. The essential one is imagine a scenario in which any catastrophe happen. Every one of, your information can come to hazard. In addition, Hardware upkeep cost, 100% server accessibility, are likewise a couple of motivations to relocate. We should find in a word about Office 365 preferred standpoint over Exchange:

Office 365 offers simple access to your information without spending on the foundation. All you have to buy in plan according to your organizations need and make clients.

Disregard Disk Storage or Investment on capacity media to spare your organization information.

Verified against information misfortune because of catastrophes, specialized issues, and so forth at Microsoft Data Centers.

Disregard the Corruption and Stability issues that client looked in Offline Exchange

Presently no more Exchange Server Downtime issue or other page load issues

Above cons of Office 365 that constrained organizations to move Exchange databases to Office 365 effectively. In any case, it needs a great deal of inside and out mastery and persistence for relocating to Office 365 from Exchange Server.

Techniques to Migrate Mailboxes from Offline Exchange Database to Office 365

an) Import PST to Office 365 Mailboxes: Since Exchange post box can be traded into PST File group and in Office 365 Account we can utilize Azure AzCopy Tool import this PST File. As this procedure partitioned into three unique segments, for example,

Segment 1: Install Azure AzCopy and Copy SAS URL

Segment 2: Create the PST Import Mapping File

Segment 3: Create PST Import Job in Office 365 Application

For Complete Steps, Please Visit: Import PST File to Office 365 Account

Strategy 2: Exchange 2010 to Office 365 – Cutover relocation

This Migration Feature causes Exchange Administrator to Move letter drops to O365 effectively. Yet, strategies hold some confinement, for example,

a) Method used to Migrate Mailboxes under 2000.

b) Useful for Small and Medium Organization

Presently pursue well ordered for Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Hybrid Migration

1. Make a Group to Receive:

The on-premise Exchange server comprises of a mail-empowered security gathering. So make a mail-empowered security bunch inside Office 365 preceding relocating. For this login to the O365 account, Next GOTO Office 365 Admin Center > Group > Create new and make a gathering to get letter drop things.

2. Make Cutover Migration Endpoint:

For this GOTO Exchange Admin Center >> Recipients >> Migration. Here, click on '+' at that point Select Migrate to Exchange Online alternative. Presently select radio catch alongside Cutover relocation (bolstered by Exchange Server 2003 and later forms). Presently fill other alternative for endpoint relocation (new group movement).

Toward the end Type the name of relocation and snap on Start catch.

Next, Browse the client that will get the movement report and select radio catch alongside Automatically begin the cluster. Next snap on new to begin movement. To see subtleties click on relocation tab and snap on View Details.

Presently Assign Office 365 permit to new clients. The client account is naturally made after Cutover Migration.

Next Re-course space to get new messages in Office365.

Strategy 3: Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Staged Migration

This strategy must be utilized for Exchange variant 2003 and 2007. What's more, as Cutover relocation, Staged movement additionally moves just 2000 letter drops. On the off chance that organizations need to relocate increasingly, at that point 2000 letter drops then this won't be useful.

Constraints of Mentioned Techniques

Time taking and takes huge server personal time.

Inside and out specialized information required to play out the relocation.

Elective Solution to Migrate Exchange 2010 to office 365 Step by Step Guide

Well ordered Guide to Migrate Dismounted Exchange 2010 to Office 365

Download Now

Programming bolsters Migration of Offline Exchange 2019 and Below form Mailboxes to Office 365 record.

Include File

As we examined any Corruption Issue Dismounted EDB File can be fixing utilizing Advance Scanning Option of the utility.

Fix EDB File

Review total post boxes subtleties put away inside Offline EDB document.

Review Mailbox

Presently Select Office 365 record to begin procedure of relocate Exchange 2010 Mailbox to Office 365 record.

Fare Option

In the wake of approving Office 365 client account. The product gives two alternative one is to Enter the Destination Mailbox or Add CSV to relocate Offline Exchange database document to the specific Office 365 client account.

Office 365 Options

Give User Mailbox Credentials so Software approve the accreditations to begin Export Process.


After Migration of Exchange Offline Mailboxes to Office 365 procedure, see the sent out letter drop in O365 account.

Open Exchange Mailbox


Presently Organization utilizing Office365 application to maintain a strategic distance from foundation and different assets, for example, Space, Operating System condition and systems administration assets utilized in Exchange Server condition. Be that as it may, moving letter boxes of clients made in Exchange Server condition to Office 365 record remains a troublesome assignment on the off chance that we didn't pursue the correct method offered by Microsoft, for example, "Cut Over Migration and Shared Migration".

Trade Administrator can attempt another elective arrangement offered by SysTools to relocate Exchange 2010 letter box to Office 365 well ordered utilizing the above guide. As Software trade as well as fix and fix any defilement in an .edb record of different Exchange condition.

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